The first retiree at plicatec, that’s me, Reiner Anker, Senior Market Expert for more than 12 years. In the last two of them I was already an “active” retiree on a part-time basis, but now my time at plicatec is finally coming to an end.

At that time, I had already been working in IT sales for many years with hardware, software and services. I came on board at plicatec in the late summer of 2008. Here I got to know a completely different working style than the one I was familiar with before, and this way of working appealed to me right away. We didn’t want to “sell”, no, we wanted to understand what people need for their work and what helps them to do their work well. Only when we understand this can we propose suitable solutions from our clients’ portfolio.

And if people can do their work well and do it well, they will be successful – and together with them their company will be successful. In this way, plicatec brings people and companies added value in their respective target market, leading directly to the next target customer more quickly, accurately and, above all, predictably. All of this is simple, coherent and effective and may sound a bit like truism – and that may be the reason why this ingenious working principle is getting a lot of attention and acceptance.

The approach was new to me, but I was enthusiastic about it and have always appreciated this way of working over the years. It suited me as a person, a person who enjoys talking to people, building relationships and developing them. It was precisely this quality that I valued very much and therefore continued my work even in my retirement. I will miss that a bit now, because this work gave me a lot of pleasure and filled me up.

My chapter at plicatec is now coming to an end, and I will be leaving here in December. All the best to you and if you remember me then maybe this too – we met as people.

Two things in closing – please stay healthy and well disposed towards plicatec.

Best regards

Your Reiner Anker