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We are not starting from the scratch and lead your investment quickly to success.

Typical situation

  • In the early stage of financing end especially iin technology companies there are a founding team with no experience.
  • There are no sales experts in the company and they are not to find in the labor market.
  • no network
  • no method of sales and no efficient and viable marketing strategy
  • no sales-oriented organization
  • no market access
  • no transparency and control of sales activities
  • too few "professional" in the success-relevant market-/salesactivities, although exactly this is the essencial
  • often overworked manager

Your needs

  • fast development of a sustainable market access for the Start-Up
  • qualification of the target market
  • The company should focus on its core competencies and expand its unique selling points?
  • quickly build a robust sales pipeline
  • flexible and scalable support of the demand generation without long lead times

Results and benefits of plicatec

  • fast market check for products, services and solutions
  • quick statements about trends, market opportunities, risks
  • rapid alignment of strategy, methods and operational execution
  • fast market entry
  • Increase efficiency in sales
  • Sales professionals with a methods and network,
  • Recommendation for actions and implementation
  • efficient sales organization
  • We transform your investment into a market-oriented start-up.
  • ROI of your investment with investment security
  • Basis for successful development of the company
  • Faster growth of the sales pipeline, means more leads and projects in less time
  • Sales and management can focus on their core competencies.
  • Transparency and control of all sales activities

What we do for you and your start-up.

  • We take your Start-Up "at hand", demonstrate, how new customers were acquired efficiently, train the organization and pass at the right moment to sales.
  • We provide a flexible, scalable and individually tailored professional service ideally composed of analysis, coaching, consulting, sales and operational training.
  • You directly benefit from our market knowledge.
  • You will receive a thorough assessment of opportunities, potentials and risks.

Used service modules

Our service modules are tailored to your industry and can be individually combined to create one for your task optimally designed solution.

  • Lead Generation
  • Appointments
  • Sales support
  • Deal closing
  • Target Market-Qualification
  • Market response analysis
  • Interim Sales
  • Go-to-market Models
  • Analysis Workshops
  • Sales Training
  • Sales Process Consulting


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