xmiCRM - Extended Market Information CRM

Success in globalised markets, especially in winning new customers, has long ceased to be the result of traditional marketing methods. The determining factors are, rather, an exact knowledge of the target market and the target customer. These alone permit the ideal deployment of your own resources and pave the way for the necessary acceptance as a potential partner or supplier.

This is where xmiCRM Automotive – plicatec’s CRM system – makes a difference. Extensive and structured company information precisely tailored to the automotive industry, and permanently maintained target market information, form the basis of the Plicatec system. Added value chains can also be formed with xmiCRM as an option.
The Plicatec system contains all the usual CRM system basic functions such as calendars, tasks, reminders, contacts, projects, forecasts, etc.

With xmiCRM you show your customers that you are familiar with both market and company, and create added value with your solutions. You form contact networks into your target customer’s company structures and get to know their company organisation. Share this knowledge and use the existing networks –with both colleagues in the office next door and business associates across the globe.

Multiply your contacts

xmiCRM Automotive is based on the most modern object-oriented Internet technology and can be in operation in your organisation within just a few days. You can also use optional plicatec services for producing and/or maintaining your master data.

You can find more detailed information about our CRM system at: www.xmicrm.com, or simply contact us directly: Your contact to plicatec