plicatec takes over world-wide marketing activities of TECOSIM GmbH
New jobs in Freiburg

Freiburg, 22nd August 2007 – plicatec, the specialist for strategic business development, is taking over the world-wide marketing activities of the Rüsselsheim-based TECOSIM GmbH. For the company, which came into being only a few weeks ago in Freiburg, this is already a success story: in the medium term, up to twenty new jobs are to be created at the company head office in Freiburg.

"With this assignment, TECOSIM GmbH, Europe’s largest all-in-one supplier for calculation and simulation has placed its faith in plicatec – for our young team that is an incentive and recognition all at the same time", said Dipl.-Ing. César López Dominguez, plicatec GmbH manager.
The assignment from the Rüsselsheim CAE specialist TECOSIM, which employs around 200 staff world-wide, includes an overall concept for attracting new international custom, especially from automotive manufacturers in Asia and Eastern Europe. In addition, plicatec has been commissioned with the extension of activities with leading domestic and southern European automotive manufacturers and suppliers. The contract volume is around 600,000 Euros per year.

"What tipped the scales in favour of plicatec GmbH were their long-term, extensive knowledge of typical processes and requirements along automotive value-added networks and also plicatec employees’ international expertise”, commented Graduate Engineer (Dipl.-Ing.) Udo Jankowski, manager of TECOSIM GmbH.

The creation of new jobs associated with the assignment at the Freiburg location includes posts in the areas of sales and strategic business development, in particular. "We want to fill vacant posts, whether for call centre employees or senior market experts, as quickly as possible – a signal for further investments and our commitment to the Freiburg location", said Graduate Engineer (Dipl.-Ing.) César López Dominguez, plicatec GmbH manager.

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About plicatec GmbH
The purpose of plicatec GmbH, which was founded on 1st July 2007, is the strategic business development of companies in the IT and engineering areas, with a focus on the automotive, logistics, specialist vehicle, machine and plant construction, aeronautical engineering and also private equity sectors. The company, based in Freiburg, currently employs around ten staff. An annual turnover of around one million Euros is planned for the first business year 2007/ 2008. plicatec GmbH’s general manager is Graduate Engineer (Dipl.-Ing.) César López Dominguez.

TECOSIM is an internationally active, expanding CAE development partner for the automotive and supply industry. The company, with its headquarters in Rüsselsheim and branches in Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart and Basildon (UK), is Europe’s largest all-in-one supplier for calculation and simulation and is currently regarded as the best diversified CAE service provider across Germany. TECOSIM GmbH’s customers include international automotive suppliers and manufacturers and increasingly companies from the aerospace and chemical industries. TECOSIM, founded in 1992, currently employs around 200 staff world-wide.