Our Vision

Rapid changes and the globalization of value networks, the increasing shortening of product development and life cycles, the extension and global expansion of decision-making processes and not least upon the increasing integration and dependence of processes and systems are changing steadlily the requirements of the sales and marketing.

We are convinced that the perfect interaction of business networks can increase the chances of sales success and this becomes more and more critical for success. plicatec creates such networks and thereby added values - for both, suppliers and customers.

Today sales is much more than the understanding of a certain subject, product, solution, service or process. Today sales is a long term issue, continuously and consists on one hand of a combination of confidence and on the other hand - an important part - of a precise knowledge of target markets and customers. The effort to gain confidence and knowledge is rapidly increasing and becomes for individual companies more and more difficult to bear.

The vision and the conviction of plicatec is to maintain this trust and confidence, to make the market knowledge accessible to more than just a company, these faster and for less cost, because of more targeted, to be at the right time at the right customers, and especially with the right contacts. We guarantee the necessary social skills and confidentiality.

Customers are faced with the course of dynamic changes in market and process ever-increasing efforts for the selection of the best partner and the best solution. Often these selection processes and workshops require more than 100 man-days of efforts, before a final decision can be taken. Nevertheless, many factors, which are essential for the implementation of a project and critical to success, it left the feeling. plicatec helps hereby with experience and high market knowledge to reliable information in order to make decisions more reasonable.

plicatec stands for trust, for targeted, reliable and valuable project partnerships in engineering, IT and logistics.