Our Employees & Expertise

Working at plicatec means diversity and plurality in every sense. We qualify constantly an extremely dynamic market, talk to different people with different levels and functions in a very diversified range of companies. Every day we work with a variety of processes, requirements and solutions, but our clear focus is always the personal contact and the development of sustainable relationships of trust.

Our employees are experts and talents in many things, who develop their special capabilities in their work and their daily challenges. What characterizes all of us together are:

  • many years of market knowledge
  • the ability to do excellent networking
  • the ability to analyze complex situations and deal with
  • a high social competence
  • technical expertise
  • the ability to transform situations and to communicate them
  • the ability to moderate

based on our principles of quality, trust and thoroughly structured work .

Our employees are experts in their field - the strategic business development for complex solutions in a complex target market - and provide consistently a high level of experience and professionalism.